FreezerPro® Cloud

Laboratory Management Software

the sample management solution scientists prefer, now easier to adopt than ever

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FreezerPro® Cloud


Whether a small research lab, working with a thousand of samples or a big pharmaceutical laboratory with millions, FreezerPro® Cloud makes tracking, labeling and sharing easier than ever.

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FreezerPro® Cloud


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FreezerPro® Cloud


Each FreezerPro® Cloud plan includes our best Gold Support with online, email and phone techical support.

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FreezerPro Cloud

FreezerPro® is designed and developed as a Web-based Sample Management Solution that provides access to sample information from anywhere in the world.

No IT Requirements Whatsoever

By not requiring installation, individual labs within larger organizations gain more autonomy. Start-ups and other small labs can completely avoid all IT staffing and investment.

Regulatory Liability Protection

Remove nearly all liability concerns related to data security. Using FreezerPro® Cloud negates expensive information security upgrades for individual labs.

Lower Capital Expenditure

With FreezerPro® Cloud, total cost of deployment is significantly lower, compared to other Sample Management software options.


General Overview

Learn about FreezerPro® — biobanking and Life Science software that thousands rely on worldwide.


Learn about easy is to configure FreezerPro® to track any type of samples in your lab or biobank.

Security & Permissions

Learn User Groups-based access permissions in FreezerPro® to address a very high level of security and performance.


FreezerPro® is a class-leading frozen sample management solution that is indispensable to any modern scientific or pharmaceutical laboratory.

Deployed in Hours, not Weeks

FreezerPro® automates more daily sample management operations than more expensive and difficult to deploy software solutions.

Makes Daily Lab Operations Easier

FreezerPro® Cloud records information for sample check in and out, aliquotting and inheritance, plus storage location data with only a few clicks or a drag of the mouse.

Enhances Accuracy and Availability of Lab Information

Advanced data mining, automatic data validity checks, hundreds of alert settings and imbedded integration with Microsoft Excel are just a few of the tools users and admins have to ensure that data is input properly and is immediately accessible for analysis and reporting.


FreezerPro® is an intuitive, fast, reliable and secure solution which enables users to know precisely where a laboratory sample is located even before opening the freezer door.

Live Search

Instant search sample data by word or part of the keyword.

Label Designer

Customize labels with any text or sample field on the label.

Virtual Freezers®

Accurately emulate the configuration of your actual freezers including all doors, shelves, racks, other subdivisions, and boxes.

Sample Alerts

Be notified about low number of sample aliquots, sample expiration date, sample volume or freeze-thaw cycle count.

Since 2007, hundreds of small research outfits with less than a dozen freezers, as well as central biobanks with millions of records, have relied on FreezerPro® for secure management of samples and sample information.